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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for checking in tonight and for trusting us for your news and information. opinion and analysis begins right now with the most powerful prime anytime all of cable news and mr. bill o'reilly. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> a fox news alert and three more suspects arrested in connection with the boston marathon bombing. >> bill: three men arrested by the fbi for apparently helping the terrorists dzhokhar tsarnaev. we have details and explore the muslim angle on this case. >> why it causes me trouble is because fighting for the marriage generally involved lying about what we're going to do with marriage when we get there. >> bill: gay activist says that gay nuptials will wipe out traditional marriage all together. wait until you hear this. >> i'm work on plans for the obama library some say
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we put it in my birthplace but i would rather keep it in the united states. dennis miller will evaluate the president's stand-up comedic possibilities. >> that's another rap reference, bill. [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. three more arrests in the boston terror bombing case and that is the subject of this receiving's talking points memo. last week we told you the boston terror suspects had to have help. they couldn't have done what they did without training and money. the fbi is investigating that angle right now. they are over in russia. today federal agents arrested three men in massachusetts who allegedly helped dzhokhar tsarnaev after the bombing occurred. the feds believe they have
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evidence. 20-year-old azamat tazhayakov and diaz kadyrbayev stints from pakistan. also arrested were robel philops cambridge, massachusetts. we don't have his picture yet. they knew their pal had within arrested for the tear bombing and decided to help him anyway. unbelievable. reports are the men have confessed to the crime of aiding accused terrorists by on instructing and lying to federal agents. their lawyers say they are innocent but that's what all lawyers say. obviously a huge problem at the university of massachusetts. what kind of students are they accepting anyway? four bad on campus? how many more? talking points believes the wife of slain terrorist tamerlan tsarnaev may have exposure as well. authorities searching for bombists for days before the pictures were released. and then did the wife'
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catherine russell do anything? ' commonwealth all over the world. used to be a strength when i went to school there now there is suspicion. especially on the muslim students. each university and college in the bay stay is responsible for the students they accept. commonwealth is responsible for the people it supports as we reported last night, the terrorists and their family received much taxpayer money along the way. along with the ongoing criminal investigation. there should be a state investigation. what exactly is happening in the welfare and university precincts? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. more details on today's arrest. joining us from boston kevin collin columnist for the "boston globe." am i missing anything here, mr. collins? anything we should know. >> i'm impressed if you ask me to pronounce those names. if you ask me to do it i'm leaving. >> bill: we can make fun of these guys but this is a hot bed of jihadism in this
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area as you know. i don't know if the university of massachusetts gives a wit. >> i'm a u mass grad so be careful there, pal. >> bill: you went to am members. am murs is backier than that we call the happy valley. we have to keep these things in perspective. there aren't a huge number of foreign born students at the university of massachusetts of dartmouth less than half a%. like i said, i think it's going to take a little time for us to figure out with were these kids that fairous or has your brother might say are these guys more borat than boris. >> bill: it could be the latter. even though that's possible, it doesn't excuse a heinous judgment. you know, you have got 25 amputees up in boston hospital right now? >> i agree. but, i would -- if you saw
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me last week i was a little upset. but we have to put this in perspective. these are 19-year-old kids. >> bill: if they are guilty they should go to prison. >> well, okay. absolutely. the evidence that the the feds are saying now that these kids acted with prior knowledge. they knew that their buddy was implicated in this and they saw the fireworks stuff and say we have got to get this stuff away. >> bill: that's right. >> i agree with you. that's wrong. >> bill: college room where the kid lived. dzhokhar. >> i agree. that's wrong. >> bill: if they did it then they have got to do the full boot. i don't care if they are 12. >> >> first phone call should have been to the cops. i agree with you 100% on that. >> that's what i'm saying about the wife. >> we don't know more about her. >> bill: why don't we know? >> i don't know. >> come on. >> she got -- bill, she got lawyered up almost immediately. >> take her in then. the federal authorities have the power to take --
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now, they told us today because we called the fbi. and we're not down on the fbi. i mean, we're not trying to make them look bad. and they said she is cooperating. okay. all right. and i think we should give the fbi room to make its case. but, at this point, you know, i mean, it's strains condrulty hey my husband couldn't be involved in this. >> if i'm the feds i don't want to miranda her up. that changes the whole. she says nothing. we don't know what she is saying and what she is not saying. how forthcoming she is and how forthcoming she is not. if i'm the fbi as soon as we miranda her and we say we think you were involved and knew more than you are saying, she is not going to say another word. i understand why the investigators. i would do the same thing if i were them. rival newspaper the boston
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herald broke a pretty good story yesterday with the 100,000 plus in welfare payments, commonwealth made to this tsarnaev family. what's been the reaction to that? >> well, i mean, i think that we're still pretty wounded in the town. i think there are some people that are hopped up about the welfare thing. i want to know more about it before i get hoched up. if you are a legal resident resident in this country which they were, we're talking about the tsarnaev family, they were legal residents there. so they were entitled to those services or whatever you call transitional assistance which is a euphemism for welfare. >> bill: we all accept that. but what we want now is a reevaluation of number one, the asylum process because these guys are i'm going to get killed and then they go back on vacation. and number two. go ahead. last word. >> i was just going to say one thing. before we throw the baby out with the bath water. remember, it was another immigrant in here, a kid we have identified as danny that chinese guy who got
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carjacked. is he a hero. i mean, the cops were able to find these guys before they killed other people. because it was an immigrant that jumped out of that car, ran away for his life and alerted the cops. >> bill: that's a good point, kevin. he was the guy at that friday night who they tried to car jack and he got away and alerted cops. >> i want to go to his citizenship ceremony when we grant him citizenship. that's the kind of guy we want in this country. >> bill: all right. thank you, kevin. we appreciate it. next on the rundown new poll in the muslim world shows many followers of islam approve of some violent acts in the name of religion. we will have the story. later, dennis miller on president obama's can ad me dick skills and tim tebow losing his football job. we're coming right back. both tylenol and bayer back & body are proven to be effective pain relievers tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain bayer back & body's dual action formula includes aspirin, which blocks pain at the site.
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countries around the world ask very provocative questions. for example, do you believe that honor killings of women are justified. in afghanistan 60% say yesterday. egypt 38% if a woman commits adultery they are dead. is suicide bombing justified in palestinian >> bill: obviously proves an enormous gulf between the western world and muscle world. national spokesperson for the muslim community u.s.a. so, here is what i don't get mr. jaafari. there are 1.6 billion muslims worldwide. a lot of people. all right? 28% of that crew, 28% of
5:13 pm
1.6 billion believe that violence against civilians is justified. according to their religion. that's an enormous amount of people. >> so, and that's obviously a matter of concern for us as well. look at the entire context of the survey. now, one of the things that's important to note is how much of a vast difference there was between american muslims and non-american muslims. it's not because we are pandering to the west. american muslims here identify themselves more with americans than they agreed with middle eastern muslims. >> bill: i don't consider american muslims a problem in the world. >> that's great. >> bill: i don't consider american muslims a problem on any level. i think the majority overwhelming majority are good people with a perspective. our problem is and we are seeing it with the boston bombings. our problem is, all right. muslims oversees who think they can come in here and blow people's arms and legs off and kill 8-year-old
5:14 pm
boys in the name of allah. 28% is a big number. if 28% are catholics are baptists or jews thought that killing civilians was justified by their religion. there would be an outcry and a scandal like you wouldn't believe. >> sure. and that's the point i was driving at, bill. the fact that there are muslims, not just in america but other parts of the world that are in greater majority, maybe even according to this poll less than 1 out of 10 agreed with any violence or suicide bombings in the name of islam indicate that it's not systemic islam. nothing about the faith. if you look at the countries and where this is happening. countries that have incredibly high rates of ill literacy. economic situation extremely low. and according to robert, the professor at chicago university who is an authority on terrorism, he said that ever since 1980s, every single suicide campaign has had at its
5:15 pm
core a democratic society occupying a land of the terrorist prize. so this is more of a political matter about land. about occupancy than it is about religion. it's important to make a distinction where this is happening. >> bill: know what's going on here then i would shed the professor's argument and make him look foolish most terrorism bombings and suicide muslims are muslim to muslim. they are all killing each other. i'm going to go back to the core statistic. you are right to say the more primitive and uneducated the country the higher amount of crazy in. no doubt in afghanistan and pakistan is totally out of control the people can't read and write and they don't know anything. 28% of worldwide muslims on 1.6 billion basis is a hell of a lot of people. and the world is not going to be able to control that many people who buy into jihad. and this is the problem the world is having. i will give you the last
5:16 pm
word. >> thank you. to be honest, if there is even half of that or even a quarter of that percentage. that's still too much for that muslims who believe in the messiah who came to reform all muslims, the community has been leading the charge, trying to get moderation and restraints back in the muslim world. we are calling muslims back and i think that's reassuring thing is there is a growing number of muslims that are coming towards moderation and reformation. we see that even in the numbers that our community has grown now to over -- >> bill: i would like to see you guys your organization and other american organizations and maybe some french and british and whatever, i would like to see you have a worldwide conference, all right? then issue some guidelines. i mean, you guys have got to start to organize and fight back. >> absolutely. we try to be organized and we want our voice to be heard. of the voice has to be heard because it's a voice of islam. >> bill: just don't have it in pakistan or they will blow the hell out of you. >> we will invite you over. >> bill: directly ahead the
5:17 pm
gay activist says the goal of gay marriage is to destroy traditional marriage. bob beckel will react. later rosen and cammeron, is there a chance, a chance that scandal will break out over the benghazi assassination of the american ambassador in libya? those reports upcoming. [ male announcer ] extreme environments can cause a spontaneous change in dna,
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. as you may know the supreme court now hearing two gay marriage cases. first, whether or not to declare the defense of marriage act signed by president clinton unconstitutional. that act says that heterosexual marriage should be the standard in the united states. second is prop 8 in california where the folks out there voted down gay marriage. decisions are expected in june. obviously the whole gay marriage issue is loaded with controversy. listen to this statement by a gay activist in sydney, australia. >> it's a no-brainer that
5:21 pm
people should have the right to marry. i also think equally that it's a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. [ applause ] that causes my brain some trouble and part of it why it causes me trouble is because fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we're going to do with marriage when we get there. you know, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change. and that is a lie. the institution of marriage is going to change and it should change. and, again, i don't think it should exist. >> bill: with us now to react co-host of the five bob beckel. what do you think about that? >> i think -- to the extent i could understand any of it. kind of comments like that that are probably not helpful when the supreme court is on the verge of making these decisions and a number of state legislators are going through issues over gay marriage. i think the institution of
5:22 pm
marriage should not exist. i'm divorced. i wouldn't do it again. it's a great institution and for her to be stating these kind of things now it will get some publicity and not very timely. >> bill: okay. but you are looking at it from an advocacy point of view. this woman is contributorily negligent the truth as far as she sees it. that she believes that once gay marriage becomes the law of the world, not just in the united states that what will happen is what happened in sweden. that people won't even bother getting married at all and that you have kind of a free fire zone of anybody waltzing in and waltzing out. and any kind of a combination of living arrangements. now you can make an argument that freedom is good and that's freedom. you can also make an argument that that's chaos. but she believes and a lot of people, gay activist believe, far left people believe that this will be the end of traditional marriage. >> i don't agree that gay marriage is going to be the instigator of the end of traditional marriage. >> bill: you think she is wrong on that analysis? >> i do think she is wrong.
5:23 pm
>> bill: why do you think she believes that. >> who knows? >> bill: looking at the swedish model. >> maybe she is, maybe she isn't. >> institution of marriage strange now. look at the percentage of people getting divorced. >> i understand that wants to do away with the institution of marriage all together. she doesn't want it. and other people of her elk see it as a constraint to their freedom. >> what it really is going to be. can you imagine the chaos ensues when you try to figure out who owns what property? >> bill: kid has got 15 people walking in and out. i think that was a very interesting sound bite. >> i think it was an interesting sound bite, too. >> bill: all right. now, called for moratorium on muslim students coming to the u.s.a. a couple weeks ago. now we have two more muslim students in boston being arrested for helping the terrorists. and now are you strutting around? what are you doing? >> i'm not strutting. i hope all the people decided to attack me on it and take a deep breath now and say maybe. >> bill: maybe beckel was
5:24 pm
right. >> maybe we ought to take a look -- these are muslim students in school. >> bill: we don't know that they may have jumped their visas. >> a lot of them out there never showed up at their school. >> bill: absolutely. >> that's what worries me. >> bill: you picked on the muslims. you picked them out. you didn't say we want the sikh students not to come too. >> it's not sikh students who have been behind this. every terrorist act i know of -- >> bill: who attacked you, beckel? we didn't attack you here. >> you were decent with me. unusually so. mostly from my friends on the left. i got a call from 6:30 in the morning. >> bill: by whom. give me the name. i can take care of him. we'll send watters out. >> you are a fascist and you have been hanging around fox too long. that's a nice way to wake up in the morning. >> why do you let people like that have your phone number. that's the question. >> i used -- >> bill: i don't want to see them. you feel vinny del negro skate about these arrests in boston? you still holding firm that you don't want any muslim
5:25 pm
students coming. >> for two year hiatus. yeah. >> bill: would be beckel, everybody. i didn't say he was a fascist. bob said he was a fascist. somebody called you a fascist. frightening word. >> plenty more as the factor moves along. fox news has broken the story that says the state department did not do the right thing in benghazi. the assassination of the measure ambassador to libya. will this ejudgment into a full blown scandal? dennis miller analyzing president obama want stand up exphed rye riew tiny. tim tebow getting sacked by the jets. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. really mattered. you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders.
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u.s.a. and this is a true scandal. city of philadelphia, for example, currently owes $13 billion. one city owes 13 billion. yet last week the city council there voted to require the city's health plan to pay for sex change operations to city employees. the state of illinois owes $271 billion. one state. yet, recently okayed more than half million dollars for the national museum of mexican art. state of california owes $618 billion. never be able to pay it it and has almost 11,000 workers in the department of corrections earning more than 100 grand a year. 900 of them earn more than $200,000 a year. in the corrections department. joining us now from washington. kate obenshain republican
5:30 pm
strategist and kirsten powers. it's may day. this is a good day to do this. i believe that the far left, which controls the legislators in illinois and in california and controls the city council in philadelphia will spend as much as they can spend until they are either arrested or voted out. say? >> well, i'm not sure where you get the idea that they're the far left necessarily. >> bill: you don't think that the legislatures in illinois and california are far left. >> they are liberal. to me far left -- at least in your parlance usually means that they are nut jobs and i'm not -- >> bill: do you think they are fiscally responsible people in those states. >> that's different. look, i don't think it's fiscally responsible to be spending money when you are in debt without making cuts. this is something across the board that's a problem. i don't think it's just a problem where there are liberals. we certainly had under the republican congress when bush was president. so, we can agree on the
5:31 pm
fact that they should not be spending money they don't have. >> isn't it though, powers, interesting, coincidental, whatever word you want to on that the liberal states continue to run up enormous. but the conservative states like texas, all right, southern states, georgia, they're bringing their debt down. don't you see what's going on here in the left doesn't seem to care about fiscal responsibility. i know i'm generalizing there but i think it's true. >> i don't think it's true the left doesn't care about fiscal responsibility. >> bill: you don't. can you give me one left wing state that cares about fiscal responsibility. >> i need to you define left to a certain extent. the last president who brought the budget under control was a democrat. it was bill. >> bill: he wasn't a far left guy. >> that's my point. i don't think any democratic city is necessarily. >> bill: i don't either. i gave you three examples of really far left places. all right, case kate, you weigh in on this. let's just take philadelphia because that's
5:32 pm
a crazy place. all right, so here we go. the city has to pay health insurance costs. all right? and you know, let's kick in the 100, $200,000 operation to change mini to mickey. you know. why are we doing that? >> right. that is a far left decision to cover those when your city is in such debt. just like in california, it's ready to fall off the map because it is so heavily in debt. yet, they have decided that they are going to give state aid to illegal immigrants to go to college there. these are far left agenda ideas perpetrated not just left officials. the public sector unions are pushing them off the brink. you look at some place like wisconsin though, that's the. >> alisyn: turnive. traditionally liberal state courageous conservative governor who went in and said no more. i can't do this. i wasn't elected to bankrupt my state and it took guts. he didn't. that's the key.
5:33 pm
>> bill: they don't -- you are making the point is they tonight want to be fiscally responsible. >> but wisconsin did make that point. >> bill: it doesn't want to. it wants to spend as much money as it can spend. now some conservatives say they do it on purpose. they want to tank the whole system so it collapses. other conservatives believe that it's just simply irresponsible. and it is irresponsible. you can't rack up debt like this and then hey, here is a half million for mexican art museum? pay for it yourself. you want one? open one up yourself. , bill, i agree on the museum. the other stuff you are lumping in is maybe far left things i agree with. >> bill: you agree with the sex change operations in philadelphia? >> yeah, i mean. >> bill: at the city's expense. >> if somebody has been medically determined they need that that is a medical thing that should be covered. >> bill: it's an option. >> and what's. >> bill: not like they have cancer. it's an option. >> help kids go to college
5:34 pm
who have lived in this country. illegal immigrants? >> kids who have grown up in this country though. didn't rick perry support this? i feel like this is not -- cast of some sort of loony tunes out of the, you know, like crazy left thing. it's not right. >> bill: powers, it's amazing me that you think it's mainstream for a city government to pay for everybody's sex change operation. >> everybody's sex change? everybody is getting sex change operations. >> bill: that's an option. you don't have cancer. >> it's not an option. people who feel that they are of the wrong sex. it's not a want. >> bill: you want to be a girl you pay for it? >> it's not a want. >> bill: it's not a want. >> that's a leftist approach to things that money grows on trees and we can. >> bill: you have got to go. you believe it's not an option that you have to be a girl if you want to? >> that's not -- what you are say something nod
5:35 pm
medically supportable. these people feel that they are trapped in the wrong bodies. >> bill: then they could earn their money to have it on their own. i don't want to pay for it ladies, thanks very much. in a moment, it will be miller time. the d man on president obama and tim tebow. miller is next. @
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. because he makes a good living doing standup economy. dennis miller watched president obama's performance last saturday night very closely. >> i went to the opening of the bush presidential library in dallas. it was a wonderful event. and that inspired me to get started on my own legacy, which will actually begin by building another edifice right next to the bush library. can we show that please? [ laughter ] >> bill: joining us now from santa barbara, california is mr. miller. >> he was good. he can do that for a living. i think. he has good writers and delivered it well, right? >> well, the thing to remember, by the way, billy, is the entire obama library will be in fine print, fine print. >> bill: yes. >> here is the thing i would say about obama. i think he would be better -- i wish we could replace obama with craig
5:40 pm
ferguson and give obama his own late night show because he is great at that. but, obviously, i don't know if he could do a late night show because he might miss curtain call. you know, can you sleep through benghazi, can you sleep through the opening of a show. but as i watched all the fawning ache lights in the acolytes in the press core look up to him i finally figured it out ohe is frank sin that sinatra and the press is peter lawford now. bathed in reflective glory. when he they're alone they are bore lot. the difference between this man when is he on prompter like that at a gig and this man at a press conference where he is off the prompter, there are people on dialysis who aren't that dependent on the machinery in their life. i was watching that press conference the other day, he was saying eh, eh, eh, i thought it was a nightclub act. i will give him this, he is a great standup comic.
5:41 pm
as good as he is at that he is bad at being president. he is a talented guy, a great speaker. let him sell sham wows the country is going to hell. >> bill: it will be interesting to see what he does after he leaves office of the allusion in the beginning craig ferguson you want to be president and you want to switch jobs and then the president would take ferguson's late night show. although ferguson is a british subject. i think he is an american now but because he was born in great britain he couldn't be president just a joke. see ed schultz ed mc. >> bill: ed schultz. you want the president to co-host with ed schultz who disappeared by the way. >> on the weekend. >> he is gone. he disappeared. >> on the weekend slot, isn't he? >> no, he is not. i don't think he is there yet. i heard he got kidnapped by the colleague cartel, did you hear that? [ laughter ] >> well, we can use him out here in tally.
5:42 pm
we are following off into the pacific. >> bill: on that note, is there anybody in your body struggling to get out so i can tell kirsten powers? is there anybody -- anybody struggling to get out of miller body. maybe philadelphia would want to pay for. >> there was a weekend in the past i was struggling to get out of philadelphia. do i remember that. >> bill: all right. miller, you might know, is a former host of monday night football. tim tebow big star transcends football. made a lot of he had lines in religious and conservative viewpoints. he has been cut by the new york jets and the jets are not exactly a power house, miller. i don't know what this message is is now if you are cut by the jets. he doesn't go above football. you get whacked in football if they don't think you have got skills. i'm fine with that they should have played him one game last year because when i watch sanchez play i
5:43 pm
thought there was no god for god's sake. i think this is woody johnson. i think this is a limp play by woody. you got santonio holmes on your team and you can't give this kid a shot. holmes won't go into the huddle for god's sake. one quarterback who would turn the other cheek and you have kept the quarterback who would tackle himself by running into his center's cheek. it seems a little uncomfortable to me. god speed, my friend. you are a class kid. i admire the way you handle yourself. if it's not football for you, it's something else. >> i think he is going to get a job. he did well with denver. i agree with you, i would like it to see what he can do. >> flip the whole thing -- listen, i love tebs. tone 20 pounds and just start rocking people up the middle, leading, you know, the backs into the holes. i don't know, maybe he is not that great a thrower. i will tell you what, this kid is a merrill mench.
5:44 pm
see him with a kid about to die in two months god bless you tim tebow. >> bill: we like tebow. 30 seconds here. miller is a real estate guy. a bunch of houses. when you sell your house next house, miller, you cannot describe the main bedroom as the master bedroom anymore. politically incorrect. >> it has to be the owner's bedroom, right? >> bill: the owner's suite. >> to me this is so much mental owner bation. i'm getting sick of p.c. obama is living in the white house. is that p.c. in the day we live. in by the way, to jason collins out there, the gay kid, i'm happy for you, brother. you might want to keep that christian thing. you might want to stay in the closet on that one. that might catch up to you. >> bill: we haven't covered that because we feel that everybody's personal life is their personal life, you know. the basketball player is happy to weigh in. >> we don't have to be
5:45 pm
pristine. he said is he gay. he said is he a christian. i'm telling him to sit on the christian thing because that might come back to bite you. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. i'm getting a lot of mail on the bolder fresher shows all sold out. there are a few tickets for west bury long island on june 1st. make great fathers and mother's day gifts. check it out on bill o' cammeron and rosen. will the benghazi and libya chaos erupted into a full blown scandal? that report moments away. hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free.
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>> bill: back of the book segment as you may know fox news has broken a story by talking with a military person. apparently wants the assassination of benghazi video perhaps by satellite. embassy is protecting identity because there is a
5:49 pm
lot of threats in the air. the man says the government is not telling the truth about the assassination of christopher stephens. joining us now from washington, ace correspondents james rosen and carl cameron. this is serious stuff floating around. we want to be very very precise in what we say. we know it was chaos in libya. we know that they, libyan ambassador asked for more security it. it was denied by the state department. all of that known, anybody paying attention has it. is there more to this story and did that man advance that story and will it become like the watergate thing a huge story? >> well it already has been a huge story for some time. if you are asking me is this a major scandal? the answer is yes because i define scandal as a situation where you have a major and important event and the official version of this event is riddled with inaccuracies and half truths and falsehoods. my colleague in los angeles broke that story earlier this week speaking to a special operator who had
5:50 pm
been on the ground in benghazi. contradicting benghazi assertions the military assets couldn't be deployed in time to save lives that night. i broke a big story for "special report" this week we four whistle blowers in this case one at the state department and one at the cia threatened with reprisals attorneys representing them and seeking security clearances so they can provide information to congress. there are certain elms, bill, lacking here in order for this to become watergate. one is the news media at large beyond fox news and a handful of reporters the other is the math on the senate floor. normally in a big scandal you would have a special investigating committee of the congress that's not going to materialize. >> bill: is the house going to convene another hearing about it? >> there will be a hearing on wednesday. next week. the darrell issa's committee, the oversight and government reform committee. but, you know, it takes -- usually these are special investigating committees it doesn't look like one is going to be appointed here. >> bill: what you are saying rosen and i don't
5:51 pm
want to put words in your mouth. >> yes, do you. >> stonewall on the media's part and a stonewall in the senate and, therefore, the story couldn't advance. >> well, there is a lot that's going to come out. but it may take years and years for that to happen. one last point i want to make. today the fbi released images of three individuals and asked for the public's help in identifying. they are not great images. they are penal in libya. we can't even tell if one of them is a man or a woman. interesting that 8 months after the attack they released these images. why in earlier today point out jay carney responding to a question from my colleague ed henry stated about benghazi, benghazi happened a long time ago. the idea was to it discourage any further inquiries as either -- >> bill: obviously. >> conspiracy theory. by saying it was a long time ago, he was also drawing unwelcome attention to the fact that this investigation by the fbi has been preceding for 8 months without any noticeable progress until lo and behold we get three images of people they are looking for. >> bill: hasn't been a long time ago it was last
5:52 pm
september. cammeron, real quick now, chaos at the airports. air traffic controllers being laid off or whatever. and then the senate had to step in and celine it up. who is the villain? >> bureaucrats and obama administration political appointees. got to remember though, bill. the automatic cuts were designed to be painful to so the implementers were told they this it across the board and couldn't lessen the pain. the obama administration warned people since february air traffic controllers one day two weeks. atlanta, chicago and there would be delays and they made sure it was going to happen that way. >> bill: you believe they didn't have to do that. they wanted to do it because then people get teed off and be mad at the republicans. >> and the sequester rule, the automatic cuts said so. there were plenty of other options. they could have gone to the f.a.a. and had it shift some of the money within 800-million-dollar operating budget as some agencies in the government did in advance of it. there were at least three bills proposed in most cases bipartisan that would have given the f.a.a. and
5:53 pm
virtually any other government agency the flexibility to have moved the money around and make it less painful. >> bill: that's what the senate demanded happen happen and it happened, right? >> it didn't at first. there was even a bipartisan measure that would have given the f.a.a. two weeks to offer its own cuts. defeat block them until they started. there were flight delays. i flew through atlanta and it wasn't so bad. bureaucrats and obama administration political appointees plain and simple. >> bill: gentlemen, thank you. factor tip of the day. some books you might want to read or buy for your mom and dad. the tip coming right up.
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desk fromut strangling him. i had to leave the room when he justified welfare payments to terror bombers and their families. stan hamilton, bozeman, montana. colmes is right. your rudeness is out of line. he filibustered, so he had to be reminded. antonio, doral, florida. if you think there's something wrong with giving benefits to aliens, wait till immigration reform passes. that bill says no welfare payments to illegals, antonio. we expect that to hold. merrill, roseburg, oregon. o'reilly, you're courageous to say that chicago violence problem is race-driven, not
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brilliant books. and finally useful observations, out next tuesday, basically our philosophy, "keep it pithy." word of the day, do not be saturnine, word of the day. do not be saturnine. new zealand, we know you guys watch us down there a lot. it's far away. and where else do we get one
6:00 pm
from? easter island. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. three college friends of suspect number two arrested today in connection with the boston marathon bombings. for the latest we go to fox news' own david lee miller, standing by with all the details. david? >> sean, these three friends, according to authorities, were trying to help dzhokhar tsarnaev from being arrested. two are from kazakhstan, identified asinine-year-old dias kadyrbayev. they disposed of a backpack containing fireworks, also a laptop computer. the question why?